Research in the Catholic Church Origins

Answers to questions such as this do not just come to you. They take years of research into numerous facets of the subject while diving into all the proof as well as cross talking to scholastic works and also modern authors of some repute. So it was with me when the message of Constantine is 666 was revealed to me in a vision. He was someone for whom my knowledge was doing not have.

Visions Resulted In the Research study

That was in 1986 and also it was complied with by several various other visions that led me to unearth the truths about this religion in such a way that others may not have attempted. Together with a however evaluation of the bible from cover to cover over a 2 year period the origin of language and also religion additionally pertained to me. This allowed the routines of classical times to find right into emphasis.

666 Determined in Holy Bible Prediction

Hidden in the passages in the Old Testimony revelations and also in the book of Task are ideas to the identity of the guy that is phoned number in Revelation 13:14 -18 as 666. He is the one that called with each other the Council of Nicaea in 325AD, soon after he purchased the murder of his oldest kid, as well as through it he established the Roman Catholic Church. Even that was not definitive as to the realities behind the conspiracy theory of Constantine to change the nature of God from Spirit to man.

Jesus Christ Invented by Constantine

Revelation states that he put forward the image of a guy that had the injury by a sword and did live. That leads back to the New Testimony as well as to the authorship of that magazine. Lead by the Spirit to investigate the beginning of the cross the old routine of crucifixion of god-men additionally emerged from Catholic Churches NYC.

Old Routines Translated

Making use of the audios as well as signs of language, currently offered to me, the language of the ancient routine was unwinded. It reveals that people thought you could climb to the heavens as a ‘sol’ or sun. This was seen in the celebrities where it was assumed that each celebrity represented a dead person. This world in the universes was regulated by the sun during the day and also the moon during the night.

The Ancient Mother God

The sunlight was Mom God and her title was ‘ma-r-i’ that converts as ‘mom’s effective eye. It is the same as ‘Mary’, the supposed Mother of God in the Catholic religion. But that was just one aspect of her persona. She was additionally the light as well as the representation of the sunlight in water, puddles and also from anything glossy. The reflection was a tiny sun and also it came to be the ‘Child of the Mom god’ as ‘sunlight’ and also ‘child’ have the exact same etymology.

Crucified Savior at Easter

When the church was developed Constantine advanced the photo of the male on the cross as the brand-new god-man. He changed the moment of Easter, a festival for the return of the sunlight at the spring equinox, from that time fully moon after it. He called his picture Jesus Christ and currently it takes the identity of God, although it is fake.

New Testament Authors

Study into the beginning of the New Testimony deciphered its dates and also compiler. Jerome who with the assistance of Augustine brought it around at the end of the 4th CAD. It was planned of sealing to cement the ideology with each other to make it work. It after that had the imperial seal of approval and no one can transform it or not think it. Words of the Emperor and his pressures ensured its survival. It was after that called the Word of God which was a technique to ensure its approval.

Ned L. Bennett