Sea Eagle has been popular in the blow up kayak market for a very long time. Their Traveler kayaks as well as Sporting activity kayaks are popular throughout the world. Simply this year (2010) they have actually come out with an all new sleeker blow up kayak that will likely attract a variety of paddling fanatics.

The Sea Eagle FastTrack is a quicker and also lighter weight blow up kayak that can deal with most kinds of water consisting of lakes, ocean as well as river kayaking (up to course III). Below I will certainly compare it to Sea Eagle’s Explorer kayaks as well as explain the advantages and disadvantages of this new prominent version.

My Blow Up Kayak Story

I have actually personally been a fan of Sea Eagle inflatable boats ever since I first began looking for a blow up kayak a few years earlier. I have actually kayaked for a lot of my life as well as in the past had always made use of a rigid hard-shell kayak. I chose to buy a blow up kayak for the large ease of them. I wanted a kayak that I might conveniently keep away in a closet, transport in the trunk of my auto along with on an aircraft as well as have the ability to lug by myself.

After a whole lot of research I ended up buying the Sea Eagle 380X Explorer Kayak. I have actually been absolutely pleased as well as delighted with it and have actually utilized it for many, numerous hrs of paddling fun … consisting of for some traveling also.

What Makes the FastTrack so Terrific

I love my Traveler kayak however there are 2 aspects of it that I wanted were different. For one thing I desire it was lighter. It evaluates 47 lbs. which isn’t bad for a tandem kayak however it would certainly be far easier for traveling if it were lighter.

The 2nd thing I wish were different is the speed. Once more it isn’t bad yet it is understood for not being the fastest inflatable kayak in the water.

Recognizing these two drawbacks of my very own blow up kayak I could not assist but enjoy the brand-new Sea Eagle FastTrack. With this inflatable kayak they have taken all of the favorable functions of their Explorer kayaks as well as added:

a brand-new style for better speed and also monitoring
as well as a new incredibly sturdy yet lighter weight product
The Sea Eagle FastTrack compared to the Sea Eagle Traveler Kayaks

The FastTrack is extremely equivalent to the Sea Eagle 380X regarding size is concerned. It is identical in length as well as concerning an inch smaller sized in size. It also has the identical weight capability (750 lbs.).

However the significant plus with the FastTrack is the fact that it evaluates twelve extra pounds less than the 380X. That is fairly a large difference as well as will make moving the kayak to as well as from the water as well as much easier for airplane traveling.

The truth that this tandem inflatable kayak evaluates so little is amazing and also it likewise means that if a person wanted to make use of the kayak solo they would certainly have not a problem carrying it themselves.

As far as design is worried you can inform simply by checking out the FastTrack that it has a slightly different shape than the Explorer kayaks. This brand-new form enables far better speeds for three factors:

It has a drop sew outside keel at the bow which supplies buoyancy as well as assists to quit the natural yaw of an inflatable kayak.
There is a removable back skeg that assists to keep the kayak tracking right.

It includes a separate extremely inflexible decrease sew flooring which raises the general rigidity of the kayak and develops side chines under the pontoons which boosts the overall paddling performance.
Sea Eagle in fact specifies that the flooring of the new FastTrack is so inflexible that it could also be used as a stand-up paddle board. That is fairly remarkable.

Ned L. Bennett

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