CBD oil and its availability in Belgium, it’s a hot item. Not only in Belgium itself, but also in the Netherlands we are concerned with whether or not CBD oil is legal in our neighboring country. Various claims about this can be found on the Internet, so we searched it out for you: Can CBD oil be sold legally in Belgium or not?

The answer is brief and to the point

No, it is forbidden to buy or sell CBD oil in Belgium. It is even so that you are not allowed to have it in your possession either. So if you, as a Belgian consumer, want to buy CBD oil at a foreign webshop, you are actually breaking the law. There are web shops that claim that they may sell to the Belgian neighbors, because there is an extremely low percentage of THC found in their oil, but this is not true! It does not matter what amounts are in the oil: CBD oil is banned in Belgium.

Why a ban on CBD?

Political Belgium took a decision already in 1997: CBD is prohibited. This decision came from the fact that CBD  is on the list of dangerous plants, which should not be used as food. Since CBD belongs to a family, which can be divided into two species, this decision is a mortal sin. In fact, you can distinguish the plants as CBD and hemp. CBD products are made with hemp and are therefore not psychoactive. Yet all CBD-related products are banned in Belgium.

The fuss is increasing

The knowledge about CBD is increasing more and more and logically there is more and more fuss among the inhabitants of Belgium about the CBD ban. Also in our neighboring country people want to benefit from the advantages CBD oil has to offer, but the government makes it very difficult for them.

Even in exceptional cases, the Belgian government does not want to make an exception. Think of children like Sofie VonkenOpen in new window, she suffers from epilepsy and needs CBD oil as the only working medicine. Her father, Jean Pierre Voncken, is the figurehead in the fight for the legalization of CBD in Belgium.

What does the “CBD future” look like for Belgium?

There is nothing meaningful to say at this point about the likelihood of CBD legalization in Belgium. In any case, the Minister of Health in Belgium, Minister de Block, does not seem to be in favor of legalization. For now, she appeals to too little scientific evidence and thus ignores all the anecdotal evidence that already exists.

Do you, as a Belgian, still want to buy CBD oil?

Even though CBD oil is not legal now and it is not on the agenda either, you can certainly get your oil as a Belgian. You just buy it very simple in the Netherlands. Every year, many Belgians go to the Dutch sellers to get CBD oil. It seems that buying CBD oil this way is the safest.

Yet you can also choose to buy your CBD product at a Dutch webshop. Most online shops understand that the discreet packaging of the order is of great importance when it must be sent to Belgium. Read more information on private label CBD by going to this website.

Do you still have questions?

Do you find it still exciting to order CBD oil? Then contact us for a completely free consultation. You will probably get the reassurance you need. Do it, because it is everyone’s right to CBD oil to be able to use!

Is there a difference in preparation methods between CBD oil and hemp oil?

There are several known ways to prepare CBD oil. All of these ways are suitable for producing both CBD oil and CBD oil, although certain ways may be preferred for various reasons. This preference may relate, for example, to purity, potency, contents, taste, or cost. The three most common ways to make CBD oil are by CO2 extraction, by alcohol extraction, or by maceration or infusion. However, the most pure and effective extraction is obtained with CO2.

Which oil is diluted?

Both CBD oil and CBD oil can be used diluted or undiluted, depending on how potent the extract needs to be or how liquid it needs to be to make it more dispensable. An undiluted extract has a thick, syrupy paste structure, while the diluted version is liquid in form. Because undiluted oil usually cannot be dosed via a pipette bottle, it is usually supplied in syringes or jars. Undiluted oil is also known as paste.

Now that the differences and similarities between CBD oil and hemp oil are clear, it is important to know that there are also other names for these oils and that some oils carry unjustified names.

Ned L. Bennett