The ultimate lotto in our age is college. But it doesn’t need to be in this way.

Since UNITED STATE News & World Record began releasing its yearly studies of colleges – a bogus workout, yet a terrific money-maker – senior high school students and also their households have entered an ever much more difficult process of relating to universities.

We have a vicious cycle. Fearing for their futures – and also exposed to shocking volumes of info on the web and in specialized publications – students apply to even more schools than ever. Math being what it is, extra applications indicates lower acceptance prices. At elite colleges, like Yale and also Stanford, acceptance prices have gone down from over a quarter to under 10 percent. That leads students to apply to increasingly more institutions, tamping down approving prices. Meanwhile, to call themselves initially tier on whatever rate they inhabit, universities transform themselves into ever-more glittering home entertainment parks.

So what’s a secondary school elderly to do? Be on your own. As well as become that you are.

Writing can assist.

E.E. Cummings * specified the difficulty perfectly: “To be no one however yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human can combat; and also never stop fighting.”

College is, potentially anyhow, a transformational experience not just because of the fantastic programs you’ll take, the wonderful teachers you’ll research with, the great friends you’ll make, the excellent celebrations you’ll participate in, or the wonderful networking you’ll do. Every one of these points issue. But university offers something else both sublime as well as unsafe: The possibility to be on your own for the first time (superb) as well as maybe the last (hazardous).


University comes after eighteen years staying in a benign tyranny (family members) and also prior to a life time of living in a corporate-government-community nexus (job and also the “real world”). In university, you can try anything, go anywhere, check out all ideas, handle new identities, do well as well as stop working, make buddies with a dizzying selection of individuals. Along the road, if you’re lucky, you can discover – or strengthen or approach – who you are as well as what you intend to do.

University is the location, simply put, where you can obtain a footing in the long-lasting battle that E.E. Cummings explains.

Which brings us to the university applications procedure.

A lot of colleges call for individual essays as part of the application. These essays ask you to define a formative experience … or a hero … or someone prominent in your life … or some great desire … or a figure in history or masterpiece you appreciate.

In numerous colleges, the essay can tip the balance in your application. When admissions committees see come combination of knowledge, interest, imagination, and also empathy in a candidate, they take notice. It resembles employing a professor in an university department. You don’t just search for somebody that can do the work; you search for someone who can be an engaging and friendly colleague.

An essay can not get rid of a below average document, whatever “below average” means for a certain university. You require to fulfill the basic standards for grades, SAT ratings, and also after-school activities to be a major candidate. When you have that standard record – whether you’re on the high or low end of the team of serious prospects – you need to reveal them something about who you are and what you need to provide.

Creating that essay takes a great deal of heart searching. It’s hard. You need to press away all the props and also supports as well as guardrails of your life and also, in some way, figure out exactly how to say: This is me.

Issue is, at that age, also one of the most rebellious amongst us lug some heavy valises from our households, schools, peers, instructors, managers, preachers, and much more. The majority of us wish to suit, to adhere to directions … however at the same time stand out as well as break away. This eternal struggle is seldom much more extreme than at this age, when we desire to locate our very own method yet fear stopping working (as well as doing well!) when we do.

So what do you do? Just how do you discover your very own voice, particularly when it’s been surrounded by the coverings of both responsibility and rebellion?

In collaborating with senior high school and college students – in classes and special workshops on writing and the college admissions procedure – I have found it’s best to start with the actors of personalities.

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Ned L. Bennett

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